My Story.
 My Mission.

My name is Jimmy Sadek
I was a competitive bodybuilder from 2001 until 2015 winning state and national titles. Most recent being the IFBB NSW TITLE o/100kg in 2015.

Personal Training

Tailored to each individual and specific goal. I focus on exercise execution, injury prevention and exceeding the individuals expected performance every workout.

Lifestyle coaching

We all lead extremely busy lives. I can sit down and look at your current lifestyle and implement structures and ideas to help you start living a lifestyle that you want to live, Through custom made nutrition plans and training structures that fit into your day to day life.

Contest Prep

12/16/20 week packages available.

Nutrition and supplementation plans

Personalised for each individual and specific goal they are trying to achieve.

Online personalised training plans for muscle gain and weight loss

Structured workout routines, weekly body part splits, individual workout routines.

Online Nutrition and supplementation plans

personalised for each individual and specific goal they are trying to achieve through phone calls, texts messages, skype and email

Body Transformations (online and face to face)

Guiding you to a physique using all the above techniques as a package to create a new you. Expect results that you never thought possible.

Couples wedding packages

Have you set the big date? Do you want to look your best for the big day and all the photos? Nutrition and training included with PT sessions for both the bride and groom. Train together to look your best before you walk down the isle together.




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